Flutters of Sanibel
The Artist
KELLY MURPHY began her mounted butterfly artwork in 1963 as a failing high school biology student. As a special project to pass the course, she went out into the countryside and caught a "monarch" and two "sulphurs" and mounted them in a beautiful picture frame, thus igniting a lifelong passion for God's amazing "flying jewels".

In subsequent years, Kelly perfected her art and began creating breathtaking designs in handcrafted lucite or acrylic displays (not glass), participating in art shows throughout the Midwest. Over 30 years ago, Kelly moved to Sanibel Island, Florida, where interest in her artwork dramatically escalated. Presently, Kelly has a gallery on Sanibel Island. She has butterfly art displayed all over the world in numerous professional offices, galleries and residences, including a few Hollywood celebrity homes. Kelly is solely responsible for crafting each step in the creation process, from selecting the butterflies for each unique arrangement to completion of the work of art.

Kelly - The Artist

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